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Horror skunx

A YouTube horror channel creating VFX horror shorts for a great audience.

1.900.000+ / subscribers

440.000.000+ / total views

30.000.000+ / monthly views


Every project on Horror Skunx is created with Visual Effects technologies. Every video is carefully handcrafted.

Breakdown of shot
Breakdown of shot

Top viewed videos

Most of my videos reach a big audience, but these two recent videos got more than 3.000.000+ viewers each!

Films I worked on

My experience in creating well edited shortfilms comes from a 3D animation background. In the past I worked on full length animated feature films shown below.

Dragevokterens jul movie poster
Ainbo movie poster

About me

My name is Winston. My journey as a filmmaker/VFX artist began at the Visual Effects study in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Filmacademy.

I worked on several short movies and two full length animated feature films, called Ainbo and Dragon Girl. Horror Skunx started in July 2020 when I came with the idea to use my skills to entertain a crowd with short scary horror videos.

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